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Kitchen Napkins by Sheets for You

These pretty napkins make a bold impact when used in day to day life. The simplicity lies within the solid royal colors. An act of being tidy is indeed royal and classy and never goes out of fashion. Prepare yourself for compliments from your loving guests. The classy, simple and elite look of these napkins on your dining table and in your handbag is a style statement indeed. The very assorted look and feel is a brand label mark of legacy! Our wonderful handkerchief is made to stay durable, moister wicking and hypo allergic always. They are 100% cotton. A nice gift for gentleman, mom, dads or anyone who happily enjoys these simple but classic hankies. Being tidy is the most important way in impressing anyone on Earth. Our hankies are a way paving to it. In a super elite manner, the style is simply adorable. Lovely is life and so the hankies that make life easy and loving. Let us stay clean and tidy that makes the soul look perfectly serene.

Size: 12 x 12 inches

Available In:

  1. Pack of 10
  2. Pack of 20
  3. Pack of 50
  4. Pack of 100
  5. Pack of 200